Thursday, April 12, 2007

Two 'Colorful' Blog Entries of Notability

I have been extremely busy lately with getting ready for our tentative go-live date of May 1, but tonight I took a few minutes to look around at other AX blogs out on the net and I found two entries from two different outstanding AX community contributors that I wanted to pass on to you in case you do not check their blogs often enough (which I highly advise to do daily):

Kamal's entry on Graph creation in AX:!9138ED475277CD63!262.entry

Arijit's entry on Color-coding Grid Lines in AX:

I will be implementing both of these HowTo's in our implementation once I get my head above water to begin doing some aesthetically pleasing mods to AX.

Thank you Kamal and Arijit in sharing these helpful tips. These explanations are things that I would never have thought to ask the possibility about, mostly due to my tunnel vision toward May 1 :-).


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