Tuesday, July 10, 2007

AIF Email Survey

As you may know, my company went live on AX on July 1st. As we are still working to fully stabilize AX and clean up any loose ends, I am still working to tweak AIF and am 90% toward our goal. As with any application, you can test like there's no tomorrow, test large loads, small loads, erroneous loads, and everything in between but there's no substitute for real life.

I'd like to conduct an email survey for anyone this is applicable to and willing to share usage statistics. I'd like to know how your company is fairing with AIF in a live environment. I'm looking for AIF data only, no Commerce Gateway or custom asciiIO/commaIO input/output processes.

If you're interested in participating, please send an email to: david.bowles@yahoo.com. In the subject line, please put 'AIF Survey', without the quotes. In the body, please copy and paste this template with the information you're willing to share filled out:

Months Running Live on AIF:

Number of Actions Live on AIF:
Number of 'Out of Box' Actions Live on AIF:
Number of 'Customized From Scratch' Actions Live on AIF:
Number of Sales Order-based Actions on AIF:
Number of Purchase Order-based Actions on AIF:
Number of Production-based Actions on AIF:
Number of Inventory-based Actions on AIF:
Number of Accounting-based (AR/AP/GL) Actions on AIF:

Number of external Systems interfacing AX through AIF:
Using AIF to communicate via EDI? Yes or No
If Yes, What EDI Format and Version do you use:
If Yes, also what Message Brokering/Transformation software do you use, if any:

On a daily average, how many errors do you encounter in your AifQueueManager needing correction?
On a daily or monthly average (please specify which) how many AX AIF transactions do you receive? Inbound _____ Outbound _____
What frequency do you process AIF transactions? Minutely, Quarter Hourly, Hourly, Bi-Daily, Nightly, Monthly

How would you classify the performance of AIF in producing/consuming transactions? Slow, Medium, Fast
Based upon your answer above, does AIF's speed meet your expectations? Yes or No
If AIF's speed is Slow or Medium or it's speed does not meet your expectations, have youworked with a DBA on optimizing database transactions during AIF execution to speed upthe transactions?
If so, in comparison prior to the optimization, does AIF run faster, slower, or the same?

What type of business are you?

I'd like to thank you in advance for sharing this. After a week or so, I'll post the results of the survey. You're welcome to send this to me totally anonymously. I will not be posting any information regarding the submitter. I'm interested in how many implementations are actually using AIF and to what extent as I'm sure all of you who are using it are interested as well.