Friday, June 01, 2007

No, I haven't abandoned this blog...yet! :-)

Hello All,

I apologize for my nearly two month delay on posting any new updates to the blog. I've been incredibly busy, but isn't everyone? We pushed back the go-live to July 1st due to some 'technical' difficulties - not AX related. In the meantime I've been doing a lot of testing and developing some 'new requirements' also.

To top it all off, I have also been preparing for a wedding as I'll be hanging up my bachelor's cap once and for all on June 16, therefore, I'll be out of contact from June 15 through June 24. Once I get back to the states, I'll be sure to respond to any messages you email to me. The week of June 24th I will be preparing for our July 1st go-live, so I'll be unavailable mostly that week and the week following. Once we get AX stabalized I will be back on board making regular posts.

I can't really think of anything new to talk about in terms of Dynamics AX 4.0. I have been working on some simple data exports outside of AIF using the standard asciiIO/commaIO classes. I am finding that AIF works better with smaller amounts of records rather than larger. We have a couple of outbound files that exports more than 60,000 records. We are seeing minutes worth of difference between AIF and asciiIO exports. I'm hoping that Microsoft realizes an opportunity to optimize the AIF for larger record loads in a later release of AX.

Also, I want to thank everyone for their support. I get emails and instant messages daily from you guys and I'm glad to help as much as possible. I look forward to talking to each of you soon!

David Bowles