Sunday, December 10, 2006


I've been absent from the Dynamics AX scene for five weeks now due to some other pressing issues. We have two additional developers now besides me so I've had to focus my efforts on hardware issues such as having our new EMC CX3-20 2TB SAN installed and getting our production systems physically installed and imaged at our new data center. We are getting pretty close to our go live date of February 1 and this week I'm finally transitioning back to the role of a developer / tester.

I have no substantial information to give out on AX this time, unfortunately. I have learned a lot of lessons as a result of having diverted my attention elsewhere for the majority of this past month.

AX 4.0 SP1 has been a distant blip on the radar screen and I was disappointed that it was delayed so long for release. Because of the amount of work that has yet to be completed, I have had to recommend to our project team and management to delay SP1's implementation until after go-live due to our time constraints.

The remainder of this month will be spent getting the AIF side of AX fully running and integrated with our WMS system.

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