Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Inside Dynamics AX by MSPress

I ordered Inside Dynamics AX yesterday from nerdbooks.com. They have by far the cheapest price on this book and other technical books that I purchase, plus the usually ship out within 30 minutes of order placement. These guys definitely know how to run an online book sales business. I was planning to buy three copies but they only had one. I'll get the other two when they are restocked.

Looking forward to getting the book in my hands on Thursday and I'll post a review on how '4.0'-based it is compared to the Axapta 3.0-based Dynamics AX: A guide to Microsoft Axapta.

We are ordering our new 9G Dell Servers for our permanent environment today or tomorrow. We are getting two Dual Core Dual Chip 1900 series 1Us and one Dual Core Dual Chip 2900 series 2U. Our production environment will be utilizing the Quad Core Dual Chips but those will not be out until late Q4 most likely.

Our go live date is set for January 2!


tanuj said...

Hello Dave
I have read your article ‘AIF Configuration and additional findings’ and it is quite helpful in configuring the AIF for asynchronous file transfer.
I am trying to read the XML document inside Axapta 4.0 sp1. But I get the following error even after I have followed all the steps mentioned in the blog.

“The file system adapter is unable to read the file D:\XML\CreateSalesOrder.xml. Error: Access to the path 'D:\XML\CreateSalesOrder.xml' is denied.”

I am trying to configure AIF on my laptop and I am using the administrator user. I have changed the XML document owner to “Administrator” and even in the document I have set correct info

I am not using proper tags as this page doesn't allow. But all the info is inside proper tags.

Can you help me in rectifying this problem? This is very urgent.

David Bowles said...


The document owner has to be set to your name you are logged in with. You cannot be logged in with Admin if you are on AD unless it's the Domain Admin acct so set the owner to the acct you are logged in with (running the batch process) and you should be fine.

Let me know if you are still having problems.